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If you feel:

  • insecure in your body
  • anxiety, unhappy, or stuck
  • like you obsess over your body, your diet, or your weight
  • invisible and a lack of confidence

then I would be honored to support you in feeling more grounded, empowered, & at peace in your body.

You can release the worn-out, exhausting story of being dissatisfied with your body and, instead, feel happy and more confident in your skin!

Most of my life, I lived with the belief that I was not enough because I felt too fat. This view kept me stuck. I pushed down my needs and wants in relationships, my career, and life. Through my journey, I have found that I am not alone in this struggle. Sadly, most women I know have a similar story.

Being stuck in the vicious loop of not feeling good enough because of the way your physical body appears sucks. It robs you of your energy, focus, and clarity. I want to support you in breaking free of this outdated pattern so that you can be more present with your loved ones and don’t miss out on life and the activities you love.

There is so much freedom and pleasure on the other side of this nonlinear journey. My passion is supporting women to shift their internal narrative from feeling like their body should be different to embracing their body exactly as it is.

If you desire to experience:

  • increased confidence and joy
  • more energy, peace, and pleasure in your body
  • a steady sense of self and comfort in your own skin

then I would love to share with you the knowledge and tools that will enable you to release the limiting beliefs and patterns that are keeping you stuck and help you uncover your own true alignment and experience integration of your mind, body, and spirit.

By learning to connect with your body and embracing your own unique and powerful essence, you'll feel confident in your own skin. This newfound confidence will empower you to make an impact, be seen and heard in the way that you desire.

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I look forward to being of support to you.

Yours in Alignment,


I am a college athlete and had a back injury from lifting. I had an x-ray, MRI, saw multiple sports doctors and nobody could figure out how to take my pain away. After just 1 session with Emily I had 90% pain relief and was able to start rehab because of the pain relief. I had no experience with Rolfing before this session and would HIGHLY recommend it. I am now almost pain free and able to complete daily tasks without wincing. WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE!!
Maddison H
While my body issues are not extreme, I've not found anyone (Pt, massage, etc.) who could resolve them like Emily. She seems to incorporate all the most important elements- knowledge of rolfing, knowledge of the body and also her natural intuition which combines into incredible results. I continue to be amazed at her success with me and every person I've referred.
Kathy S
I'm very aware of how my body moves and feels because of all the internal martial arts I've done. I can't say enough good things about Emily and the quality of her practice. I would HIGHLY recommend her (and have) to anyone considering body work. The structural alignment of every level of my body is a night and day difference from when I first walked in until now. Sometimes I just feel hollow because the muscles aren't having to work to bring things into alignment. It's been truly an awesome experience going to Emily
Aaron C
Emily is welcoming and warm and takes great care in explaining the focus for each session. Questions are always met with thorough and informative responses. Emily takes great care to ensure I’m comfortable - physically and emotionally - throughout our sessions. I’ve definitely felt more grounded and centered and aligned since starting to work with Emily
Sarah B